Boots Transport Ltd. is an Alberta Flatdeck Transportation Company, serving all points in Western Canada. Their primary business has been offering services to the pipe and steel companies in the West.

Boots Transport Ltd. has been in business in Western Canada since 1991. The current ownership has been operating the company since 1998. The company has grown from 2 trucks in 1998 to 35 trucks in 2018. The current vision is to continue to grow at a controlled and steady pace into the future. Boots Transport is proud of their growth from their 1st, to the 550 customers, that we currently service today. As the future has no end date, neither does Boots Transport Ltd.


Lifetime Warranty on Customer Service

We continue to pursue customers and shippers that we want to do business with and establish solid relationships. Our transportation business is built on relationships, integrity, service, and trust. Boots Transport Ltd. maintains its’ existing customers with this concept first and foremost and is dedicated to providing safe, and quality service to our clients. Committed service to our customers is a goal that we are continually working on to maintain and improve.


As well as providing superior Flatdeck Transportation services, Boots Transport Ltd. is now providing a comprehensive logistics network through Boots Trucks, Affiliated Companies and Partnered Carriers throughout Canada and the USA. The company currently has operations in Calgary, Alberta and Red Deer, Alberta. Boots Transport Ltd. places safety as a high priority in both the Health and Safety of our drivers and the general public. With this in mind we maintain an aggressive maintenance program on our vehicles to meet or exceed the NSC and DOT requirements.

Communication is an important aspect of transportation and we have equipped all our vehicles with satellite and ELD’s. All of our trucks are equipped with 2 video cameras for the safe and secure delivery of our customers products. All the video is time and date stamped for security purposes. This enables operations to keep our clients informed of their product deliveries, and to operate our trucks in an efficient manner.


With our steady growth, we will continue to provide quality transportation solutions for our clients. Management at Boots Transport Ltd. is committed to providing a safe and profitable environment for their customers, employees, and their company.

Boots Transport Ltd. will be moving your products into the future with continued growth, safe practices, and new innovative technologies.